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Blake Street Tavern teams up with SuperBook to offer a sportsbook experience downtown

Colorado has one of the most open and easily accessible sports betting laws in the country. That’s one reason why industry experts expect the market in the state to boom. 

Instead of having to go to a physical casino or sportsbook to place bets, that can be all accessed on your mobile device or laptop in Colorado. This means that bars have to evolve and become your sportsbooks. 

“I was told that 96% of sports betting was on your mobile device so you don’t need the physical location,” Chris Fuselier, the owner of Blake Street Tavern said. “Okay, so all you got to do is come to Blake Street, or any bar and sit down in your chair, you don’t have to drive up the hill to Blackhawk or Central City. That’s what makes it so great is the mobile betting.”

That’s why Blake Street Tavern has teamed up with SuperBook to bring the Vegas sportsbook experience to Denver. 

It’s also why restaurants are using it as an advantage and a way of bouncing back from the losses of the pandemic. 

Sports bars have been dwindling even before the pandemic. Flat-screen TVs have become cheaper and cheaper and people would rather stay at home to watch games, especially when there is just one game that someone wants to watch. 

The advantage sports bars have, is they have multiple TVs. They tend to do better on football weekends where there might be three games that someone wants to watch at the same time. Sports betting exasperates that. Bettors love to watch multiple games at once and the best place to do that is at a sports bar. 

Fuselier said he thought about looking at places in Black Hawk or Coal Creek but SuperBook head oddsmaker Jay Kornegay knew that wasn’t going to be necessary. 

“He goes, ‘I want you to just go to the SuperBook at Westgate, you sit in a chair, and you don’t leave your chair, you don’t have to go up to the counter, I’m gonna give you the app,”’ Kornegay told Fuselier during a visit to Vegas. “So I started using the app and I go wow this is pretty cool.”

When Fuselier knew he could take advantage of the betting market and partner up with various sportsbooks, he looked into the likes of DraftKings, FanDuel and Bet Rivers. But in the end there was really only one sportsbook he was going to partner with because of a longstanding relationship and SuperBook’s reputation. 

“SuperBook has the best reputation of any sportsbook out there,” Fuselier said. “And when you go to Vegas. If you’re a true sports bettor you gravitate to Westgate Superbook. Their customer service has been outstanding. Every time I’ve been out there, I’ve just been so impressed with how they do things.”

And SuperBook already knew about the reputation Blake Street Tavern has in Denver. 

“We know the history of running a fantastic operation and he cares about his employees and more so about his guests,” Kornegay said on why they partnered with Blake Street Tavern. “And our roots go back a little way so it’s not something that I found out about overnight.”

Now, every time you walk into the Blake Street Tavern, you will see the SuperBook logo and signup promos. Some of the waiters and waitresses are even wearing shirts with the SuperBook logo. It’s a match made in heaven for the two companies. 

SuperBook has plans to partner with many other restaurants to help revitalize the industry and take advantage of marketing opportunities. But there will always be one sports bar that will remain king. 

“I think we’re the alternative to going to Black Hawk,” Fuselier said. “I want to be known as the Westgate of Denver.”

There is no better place to watch and bet on the games for March Madness. The Westgate of the Rockies has a nice ring to it.

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