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Learn How to Bet On (Russian) Table Tennis

If you are new to the sports betting scene here in Colorado, or an avid betting veteran, it may come as a surprise that Russian table tennis is a top option for action in Colorado.

The Department of Revenue for Colorado has reported that yet again table tennis is in the top five, coming in at third with more than $12 million, in wagers placed.

We, at Denver Sports Betting, want to lend a hand to those who are looking at table tennis and not knowing how or what to bet on. Our own Jackson Wieger breaks down the simplicity of betting on table tennis and how you can gain an edge next time you log into your local sportsbook.

To dive into betting on table tennis try to remember the 3 big things.

  1. Do it live. The big edge that live-betting gives you is the fast-paced Moneyline swings. Live betting is the best way to take advantage of this.
  2. Read the lines. The best way to makes the highest profit margin is to get the best value for your bet. If you see a big line movement get on it quick before it levels out to make the biggest bucks.
  3. Have fun. Cliché as it is, you can’t really sit in front of a TV and watch this sport live (at least not for the typical individual in Colo.) so you are creating your own fun. This is one of the most fast-paced sports to bet on, and it’s easy to rectify a losing streak in a matter of minutes. It’s like day-trading stocks, but instead of the economy, you’re just putting your faith into one Russian guy playing Table Tennis. 
Simplicity and Speed

The biggest advantage that table tennis has is the payout turnaround. It is a rapid live betting atmosphere with matches only lasting a handful of minutes.

The second advantage is simplicity. This is essentially betting one guy to win his game, that’s it. Yes, there are some other things to bet on like match winners or over/under’s, but it just adds more confusion and more money lost.

The Basic Breakdown


Here is the first image. I’m using a very popular sportsbook app in Colorado that most people are likely to have. The first thing you will notice is this little red “sideways triangle” this is to let you know who is serving at the moment. This is important to know because this works hand in hand with who is winning points in the match. If the server is on a hot streak it might be a good time to lock in a bet as the lines are destined to move very quickly as they either increase their lead or start to close the gap. Serving indicator is good to note where the momentum is swinging before the lines move dramatically.

This first column is going to indicate how many matches each individual is up by. As you can see it’s still tied at 0 with the game just getting underway in the adolescent stages. In Russian table tennis (Moscow Liga Pro) the matches are best of 5 or whoever gets to 3 first.

The second column is the current match score. This works hand in hand with the server indicator. The matches are first to 11, win by two on the match point.

To make things a bit easier to understand, feel free to view this short video of Jackson breaking it down as he navigates a local sportsbook app.


We hope this helps out all the new Russian table tennis bettors here in the Mile High City, and if you have any other questions or need more education on sports betting in general please visit our Sports Betting Guide to get better equipped with the terms and vocabulary.

Also be sure to check out our chat with Conor McCormick-Cavanagh of Westword above!


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