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How to profit with a Fantasy Football mindset

If you have played Fantasy football at any point in your life, you have been groomed to be a sports bettor. Now that sports betting is legal in Colorado, it’s time to transfer your Fantasy football knowledge to the sportsbooks to profit while betting on NFL player props.


Each week during your Fantasy football season, you attempt to fill your roster with optimal plays from your player pool. Looking for upside based on matchups and each player’s usage in the offense is probably something you are already doing, and that same thought process can be applied to sports betting. 

Here’s a quick guide for upside plays that help you in Fantasy, and more importantly, can make you a profit by betting on a player’s fantasy stats.

Easy ways to access free information:

Use your Fantasy home site as your first reference point. You can access free information and projections that include yardage, receptions, and projected touchdowns. Any of the major Fantasy sites like ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and will have this info readily available. From here, just use the knowledge you already have from watching your favorite team play. You already know if it’s a good matchup for your offense. You already know which running back or receiver is in a favorable position, and which one is a favorite target for your QB.

Use the Over/Under Player Prop odds to make Prop Bets:

For this example, I’ll be using information from BetRivers Sportsbook and players in the Denver Broncos game against the Tennesse Titans. BetRivers currently has Melvin Gordon’s rushing total at 42.5 yards. Yahoo Sports is currently projecting Gordon to have 53.5 yards on 14 rushing attempts. 

Consider the 14 rushing attempts as the key to the decision here. Quick math will tell you that in order for Gordon to hit the Over on 42.5 yards, he would have to average 3.1 yards per carry on those 14 attempts. 3.1 yards per rush is a low number for any starting RB. Based on this research, and what we know about Denver’s offense, it’s safe to say the over 42.5 yards is definitely a play to consider. 

The odds are set at -112 for the over, so a $10 bet would net a $19 payout if it hit.

Want to get in the action? BetRivers Sportsbook will match your first deposit up to $250 when you sign up here and use code 250MATCH. By signing up with BetRivers, you are eligible to win a private dinner with Bronco legend Rod Smith. Click here for more info.

Use data as the season progresses:

Week 1 of the NFL season is always exciting and unpredictable. There have been no games to use for reference. There’s been no preseason to gather any information. Week 1 is always an advantage for the house when it comes to sports gambling. As the season progresses, utilize the free data that’s everywhere. Statistics will be easier to predict, and trends will be easier to follow as our sample size increases.

Use your gut and eyes to make decisions. You know what your team likes to do. You know what plays are coming, and you know who is most likely going to get an opportunity to score. Use all of these tools to add additional fun to your game day experience and make a profit while enjoying the game! 

Prop Bets to consider for Broncos-Titans:

  • Melvin Gordon Over 42.5 Rushing Yards @ -112
  • Phillip Lindsay Over 39.5 Rushing Yards @ -106

First TD of the game

  • Derrick Henry @+410
  • Melvin Gordon @+850
  • Noah Fant @ +1100
  • Jerry Jeudy @ +950

First team to score

  • Denver to score first @+104

First Score of the Game

  • Denver Field Goal @+380
  • Titans Field Goal @ +300
  • Denver TD @ +240

Longest Successful Field Goal

  • Over / Under 46.5 Yards out @ -114

Good luck with any action you play, have fun, and I hope your team wins. Let’s get these bets going at BetRivers Sportsbook. They will match your first deposit up to $250 when you sign up here and use code 250MATCH. Also, do not forget to sign-up for our Rod Smith sweepstakes below!


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