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NBA Seeding Games – Over/Under For The Denver Nuggets Remaining Games

Nikola Jokic will have a battle on his hands against the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.
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The plan has long been made official now for the NBA to return. Should there be no new virus outbreaks among all of the teams and players, play will resume July 30th, with eight seeding games to follow and make up the remainder of the regular season. Here’s a look at the Nuggets schedule:

After looking at this schedule, each of our writers will give an over/under for how many games we believe the Nuggets will win. The Nuggets O/U total for wins is 3.5, per DraftKings Sportsbook.

Ivan’s lean: over, 5 wins

After looking at this list, I’m going to put my over/under for wins at 5. Unfortunately, those five are the first five that appear on the list above. Starting off with the Miami Heat after such a hiatus will not be easy, but Denver’s depth, as I always like to harp on, should see them through this game as they get back into shape and rhythm as a team.

Being that there is no such thing as a “home game” makes this even harder to predict these outcomes, but I think the fact that Denver has already beat every team on the remaining schedule should give the team confidence. OKC and San Antonio will be no walk in the park, but so long as Denver can get back to basics on defense again, I think the Nuggets come out with two wins.

With the Blazers, well, Denver has won every time they have faced off against them in recent memory. The Nuggets and Jazz have had quite the close games this season and I think this game will depend on the Nuggets ability to crash the boards. Should Denver do that, I see us getting the W. The last three games will surely be toughest for the squad, and who knows, maybe Denver’s 5th win comes against either the Lakers, Clippers, or Raptors?

Carter’s lean: over, 6 wins

Make no mistake, this will be the hardest stretch the Nuggets have had to play this year and possibly since we have had the squad as we know it today. I think Denver will lose to San Antonio and the Clippers. However, I honestly think it will be less about who we play and more about if we want to play. Remember, after Denver traded Beasley and Hernangomez, they beat the Bucks as well as Utah in back to back games with just over half an active roster. The Nuggets have time and again beat good teams while shorthanded due to foul trouble, injuries and, even trades.

Now, there is a massive caveat – Denver won those games largely due to Jokic’s presence and what he can do for thevteam. So, if he is not fit to play, this is a different ball game; in that scenario I believe we will only win 4, thus loosing to Utah, The Clippers, The Lakers, and San Antonio. However, the case can be made that there is a big portion of games this year they still won despite Jokic being benched due to foul trouble early in the game.

Charlie’s lean: over, 4 wins 

Before you think I’m just being a downer, here me out. Many are saying the Nuggets have one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) COVID-league schedule. We ‘should’ at least beat the Thunder, Spurs, and Blazers. That fourth win will be tough to come by whether it’s against the Heat, Jazz, Lakers, Clippers, or Raptors. The Nugs did burn the Heat the only time theyvplayed them this year, but that was a game where Denver was able to hold one of the most efficient 3-point shooting teams to 9 total 3-pointers. I think whether or not Denver win that first game back depends on if how much we limit the Heat’s hot shooters. It’s fair to say that the Lakers and Clippers pose to be the Nugget’s two toughest games. While I can see the Nuggets beating one of those teams, I think the chances they beat both of those teams are pretty low.

The game against the Jazz is certainly winnable given the Nuggets have wins against them at home and on the road, but they are still a strong force in the West. Denver beat the Raptors in a shootout where theyvshot brilliantly, so that will be a challenge to repeat. While the Nuggets have the potential to win 5 or even 6 games, I feel comfortable saying they will win half of the remaining games given the difficulty of those games and our history this season against those teams. That being said, with skinny Jokic, anything is possible.


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