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Nikola Jokic was asymptomatic, will this affect his game?

In early June, Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.  If you share our concerns, this surely overshadowed the news of the NBA’s return. Soon after we were relieved to find out that he was not only asymptomatic but quickly cleared of the deadly bug.that said, is that the end of Jokic’s struggles with the virus?

A study published by Nature Medicine on June 18th of this year shed light on the effects of COVID-19 on asymptomatic carriers. Just as Jokic may have been infected, this study determined there can be lasting damage to patients’ lungs during and after the infection persists.

NPR, as well as the study itself, reports these effects are “likely reversible.” It’s said that mild cases are less likely to cause lasting scars in the lung tissue.  Hopefully, this will mean his lungs can recover to the point where he can make those coast to coast runs, although his full-court passing can always save him the trouble if his lungs aren’t up for it.

Great news!  While we should not be alarmists, it should be talked about, that Jokic himself, could be affected this year for longer than we expected. That being said, his weight loss could be his savior.

John Hopkins says that one of the other factors in the severity of the lung damage is health conditions, and even if some like to take cracks at Jokic’s weight, it’s fair to stay he’s still in good condition, as all professional athletes have to be – it just varies what that looks like.

Either way, Jokic looks ready to go and primed to dominate with the new NBA format. Let’s hope he stays healthy and well and can help the Nuggets dig for the title.


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