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Quirky things to bet on while we wait for sports to return

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With many big name sports still out of the question due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the depression that comes with it, the Digging For Gold team decided to highlight some alternative wagers . 

While the NBA and other major leagues are getting close to reopening, there are still wagering opportunities out there. 

1. The Stock Market

Are you missing the rush of putting next month’s rent on the line on a sport you can’t pronounce? Betting money in the stock market can be an equally nonsensical and a thrilling alternative. Instead of betting on the Nuggets to make it to the Western Conference Finals, consider betting on a stock like ServiceNow Inc., which has grown 30% in the last month. What does ServiceNow Inc. do? Who cares. You didn’t care when you put down a day’s worth of pay on a Quidditch team from rural Ireland. It’s time to get your competitive edge back and bet what money you have on a tech company based out of Nova Scotia. After all, shooters shoot.

2. Tossing Quarters

If it’s good enough for Michael Jordan, it’s good enough for you bored on your phone reading this.. If you haven’t seen The Last Dance, the game goes like this: You and a buddy toss quarters at a wall from an agreed-upon distance, the closest quarter to the wall wins. That’s it. It’s time to ruin some friendships over one of the simplest games in existence. Sometimes less is more. During coronavirus season, anything at all is more. Go find that coin jar and another friend suffering from gambling withdrawal.

3. Beer Pong

That’s right folks, we’re taking it back to whenever you were in high school or college. This one checks a very important box: alcohol. Alcohol and gambling go together like Jokic and Murray (unless they were under 21 of course, then they just don’t go together). A true match made in heaven. After that, all you need is some friends (10 or less, of course), plastic cups, and a ping pong ball. Consider buying Natural Light for old time’s sake. If you get enough friends, you can set up a tournament. It’s like March Madness for bored drunks! What more could you possibly want? (Seriously though, if you’re not 21 just bet on water pong). 

4. Pool

No not swimming, we’re talking hardcore cue sports. In all honesty, before the shelter in place orders started, I had never watched a professional pool match in my life. Oh how the turn tables have… well, you know. These players have some serious skill, serious heart, and most importantly, you can bet on them. If you don’t believe me, check out this video, I bet it will change your mind. While it is a bit dated, the sport is still set to have a big match, The APA 8-Ball World Championship, from November 28th to December 3rd 2020. Should larger sports not be back by then, I say that’s where you turn your attention, or at least you TV to. In the past, you could stream the games live at the APA’s Official Website if you need it. 

5. Marble Racing

Looking for some high-speed action? Well look no further, Jelle’s Marble Racing is guaranteed to not disappoint. With last year’s Marblympics, Jelle’s Marble Racing League made a name for itself bringing spectators and racers from around the globe. Outfitted with everything from a cheering track to marble spectators in their favorite racers’ uniforms, this quirky sport is on the rise and is sure to satisfy any betting craving you have. Check out this link for a teaser to their upcoming 2020 league and be sure to check out other related videos like the 2019 Marblympics or the Marbula E Race 2 (think formula 1 racing but for those without their marbles).  

6. Dunes to Sea Racing

Last, but certainly not least, Dunes to Sea Racing should be your highest priority if you’re looking for some live sports talent. This penguin (oh yes, penguin) racing event is full of twists, turns, and comedy as the racers try to be the first to reach the ocean. Complete with coaches, spectators, and even announcers, this race day is sure to be the highlight of any Sunday event you choose to host (provided you observe proper social distancing guidelines). Be sure and check out the highlights for Australia’s Penguin Parade, broadcasted by BBC’s own announcers, to get a good feel for what you’re getting yourself into. 


Want to educate yourself before placing a bet? Check out our sports betting guide.

The ultimate sports betting guide from Denver Sports Betting will prepare you for the incoming influx of fresh money now that sports betting is legal statewide. Whether you want to sports bet for fun or become a seasoned professional, this guide will help direct you on the right path. Besides, what’s more fun than winning a bunch of money while also beating all your friends?

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Ryan Garcia June 6, 2020 at 6:22 pm

Great article! With no sports like the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, we definitely need alternatives to bet on. I still can’t wait until sports are back on because sports betting is now legal in Denver, Colorado and I can wait to use a few different sporstbooks.

Aniello June 6, 2020 at 7:52 pm

Can’t wait to hit the Denver sportsbooks


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