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Introduction piece from our newest writer Aaron Brenner


Denver Sports Betting is very excited to introduce our newest writer, Aaron Brenner. He is going to be supplying some exceptional content for us, that we know you will enjoy. To get to know a little about Aaron, here is his introduction piece.


Question for you: does anybody have a pill I could take to make me not care so stinkin’ much about the Rockies score every single night? Asking for a friend, and that friend’s name is my sanity.

I say that both seriously and sarcastically. The former because I seriously want to get over this god-forsaken nightmare of a 2019 Rockies season, and the latter because I learned in journalism school not to open an introductory column with some boring “Hello, my name is Aaron, yadda yadda yadda, zzzzzzzzz” line. So I came up with that Rockies pill thing and I hope you enjoyed it.

Anyhoo, hello, my name is Aaron, yadda yadda yadda zzzzzzz … wait. There’s more to the story.

My guy Ryan Garcia has launched Denver Sports Betting and reached out to see if this old sportswriter would be interested in producing some content related to sports gambling since, ya know, that sort of thing is no longer illegal at Bushwood, sir.

Today I am a loan officer in south Denver, but that’s not what I grew up doing nor how I spent my days in my 20s. I was a sportswriter with college and prep credentials covering, in chronological order: Wisconsin (my alma mater), high school sports in Iowa, the University of Iowa, Auburn and, from 2013-16, Clemson, including their first national championship during this dynasty run the Tigers currently enjoy.

I estimate I wrote more than 2,500 articles during my writing career, and the final one was the game story from that Clemson title victory over Alabama (the one where Hunter Renfrow caught the winning touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson with a second to go.) This is my first sports-centric column since then, thus ending my retirement lasting 27 months and change.

Yes, I’m a stats nerd. You’ll see.

I grew up in Ken Caryl Valley (that’s Littleton, for you 303 imports) and attended Chatfield, and I’m nuts about all Denver sports. Mostly the Rockies. (Where we at on that pill?) I’m also a regular on VegasInsider and other oddsmaking websites – as a numbers-are-fun guy, it’s interesting to see the betting trends, so I look forward to applying that part of my brain to Ryan’s website.

My goal is to identify big-ticket sporting events (with an emphasis on the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avs and other Denver events) and pull as many numbers, trends and statistics as I can to pick apart what the guys and gals in Vegas are presenting in those matchups. Hopefully I can make you say “huh, that’s interesting” or “I didn’t know that” on a semi-regular basis.

Yeah, I’ll make predictions here or there, though I’m hopeful I don’t have people coming after me after a three-pick losing streak. I wanna lay it out so you can play it out, let’s call it that.

Thanks for joining me.

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